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Whether you are a dental graduate or an experienced practitioner looking to advance your skills, our postgraduate dental courses in London offer comprehensive professional development for the modern dentist.

Under the tutelage of Your Dental Specialists' experienced faculty and esteemed guest speakers, our courses are designed to elevate your expertise and expand your career opportunities.




Our Advanced Dentistry Courses

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Should you have any questions, please get in contact with us at admin@yourdentalspecialists.co.uk.




More courses will be added in future, as a result of the ever-growing collaborative Your Dental Specialists community.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Postgraduate Dental Courses in London


Who founded YDS?

YDS was founded by three passionate dentists who recognised the value of sharing their specialised knowledge. Driven by a desire to learn from one another and create a platform for skill-sharing, YDS was established to foster collaboration and excellence within the dental community.

Are the courses online or in-person?

We run a combination of both – Our in-person courses are typically hosted by the YDS team and hands-on in nature, normally involving pig’s heads or 3D printed models. Our online courses, on the other hand, are run by reputable professionals in the dentistry world who we have approached to share their insights and specialist knowledge.

Who can sign up for our courses?

Our courses cater to both GDPs and dental specialists. They are aimed at reinforcing and building upon what you may already be offering your patients. Our speakers will deliver their methods and approach so that you can finetune your workflow and confidently put what you learn into practice.

Who are the speakers?

Our courses are hosted by gifted young dental professionals with specialist knowledge in their respective fields. Their goal is for you to walk away not with just expanded knowledge but a practical skill you can put into practice every day, and as such our speakers are very approachable and eager to assist.

How are the courses structured?

The in-person course days are structured around a balance of theory and hands-on practical sessions.

What do the course fees cover aside from entry?

The course fees also include meals during the course of the day.